Why Coding For Kids Is Vital At An Early Age?

All of us live in a technology-driven world. These technologies are fueled with the help of coding. Learning the fundamentals of coding for kids is important as it gives them a competitive edge over their peers. 


Coding enables critical thinking among young learners. This critical thinking skill makes young learners better decision-makers. While solving a coding-related problem, there comes a time when a programmer faces a complex issue. At that time, these critical thinking skills come in handy. At an early age, young minds are filled with curiosity. These curious thoughts are satisfied by learning coding skills. When the kids learn how to code, they can use their creative minds to build useful real-life projects. 


How Coding Classes In India Are Beneficial For Kids?


In India, there are many coding classes available over the internet. These coding courses for kids are offered by leading edtech companies. Parents need to choose coding classes in India for kids that are fused with the goodness of STEM learning kits. 


  1. Coding enables young minds to gain technical knowledge in the field of AI, IoT, Robotics, and Game Development.
  2. Coding opens doors to lucrative job opportunities.
  3. Coding teaches young learners how to become problem-solvers.
  4. Coding for kids is also beneficial in visualizing abstract concepts.
  5. Learning how to code strengthen both verbal and writing skills among young learners.
  6. If coding for kids is treated as an extracurricular activity, the kids can make it a hobby to learn how to code. 
  7. Coding fuels up the desire to create new innovations.
  8. Coding for kids encourages thinking outside the box.
  9. Coding for kids promotes Algorithmic thinking- it is defined as a type of process or a predefined set of rules that needs to be followed in a step-by-step manner. 


What Is The Need For Coding Courses For Kids?


In 2020, the Indian Government has introduced a reform in the form of the National Education Policy(NEP) that introduce coding classes in India from class 6 onwards. This way the kids can learn at an early age the fundamentals of coding for kids. A solid foundation will help students to completely understand the concept and use their creativity to solve real-life problems. They can build real-life projects with the help of their coding knowledge. The earlier they learn, the better they will understand.   

How To Choose The Best Online Coding Classes In India For Kids?


While choosing the best online coding courses for kids one thing should be kept in mind i.e choosing a coding course with an updated curriculum. The curriculum should be updated as per the new innovative technologies such as AI(artificial intelligence), IoT(Internet of Things), Robotics, and Machine Learning. It will be a plus point if the curriculum is blended with the goodness of STEM learning kits. These STEM kits will multiply the learning outcomes of the learners. The information retention is very high when a child learns through a hands-on learning approach. Thus, choosing the best online coding classes for kids is the top priority for parents.


The other thing which a good coding course should possess is the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere. The self-learning module of the course is best suited for students who have a comparatively slower pace of learning. They will get an upper hand with the help of these self-learning modules. The most amazing thing is that there is an edtech company-Tinkerly that offers both of these things at a pocket-friendly price. This coding course for kids is available for students in grades 1 to 12. 


What Is The Right Way To Get Started In Coding?


The first step for kids to get started in coding is to learn the basic fundamental knowledge about coding through block-based coding. There are many edtech platforms that offer block-based coding such as Blockly or Scratch. The most famous among them all is the free visual-based programming platform- Scratch. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that enables users to add functionality to their sprite( character) by simply choosing and dropping the desired blocks into the code. Scratch is easy to learn and teaches young learners the logic behind the code. 


Once the learners are able to decode the logic behind the code, they can write the code as per their needs or requirement by using high-level programming languages like Python, Java, C, C++, etc. If a kid learns these high-level programming languages from the start, they will find it a bit complex(as there is too much syntax). The transition from block-based coding to high-level programming language is a smoother one. The kids can easily grasp the coding concepts and understand the logic behind them. They will become aware about the basic structure of the program.  The next step will be to add the STEM learning kits as well through a hands-on learning approach. 


Coding skills are useful in all walks of life. Irrespective of what kind of field you choose, these skills will always be useful. Also, as the world is shifting towards automation,  the need for candidates with coding knowledge will continue to grow tremendously. 


Summing Up!


In this informative blog, we have talked about the role of coding classes in India to shape the future of the young generation. We talked about the advantages and future impact of online coding classes for kids and how they help to create innovators of tomorrow. In a nutshell, it is very essential that parents must enroll their children in the best online coding classes for kids as early as possible to secure a bright future for them. Best Online Coding Classes Near me

Importance Of Coding For Kids At An Early Age

Nowadays the majority of the work is done with the help of computer programs. The number of learners learning how to code and the variety of coding classes for kids available has increased dramatically over the years. Despite these abundances of coding courses from many platforms, a few of the learners lack the motivation to learn them.


This informative blog is an effort on our part to educate learners and parents about the advantages of learning programming languages at an early age through online classes for kids. 


How can learners learn  21st Century Skills From Coding Classes For Kids? 


In the current workplace, the employer needs candidates that possess 21st-century skills to handle tasks on a day-to-day basis. 

Basically, the 21st-century skills basically consist of 4 C’s such as:


  1. Critical Thinking: With the help of using these skills, learners will find solutions to the real-life problem. 
  2. Creativity: Coding for kids enables learners to develop outside-the-box thinking. 
  3. Collaboration: Peer learning or learning with peers via group discussion is the best way to enhance learning outcomes. 
  4. Communication: Coding for kids enhances communication skills among young learners. 


Coding classes for kids train young learners’ 21st-century skills and make them the problem solvers of tomorrow.

Making the appropriate decision is the key to problem-solving. Coding teaches learners a mechanism to divide a complex problem into smaller manageable components and then devise a strategy to evaluate each one separately.  When a child codes on a regular basis, he understands the logic behind it. It builds their confidence and logical thinking skills.

They develop problem-solving skills through time and learn to make better decisions for themselves that are beneficial in all walks of life.


Learners become aware of multiple ways to solve the real-life problem as they learn how to code. When the learning is done through interactive hands-on coding classes for kids, the learners won’t get bored with coding the way they can with traditional math and science lessons. 


How Coding For Kids Is The Need Of The Hour?


According to a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, it is predicted that by 2030, around 400 to 800 million of current jobs will get automated. These futuristic jobs require the knowledge of artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation.  If a learner learns about these innovative technologies from an early age through online coding classes for kids, they are becoming future-ready. Therefore, it is another justification for exposing your child to programming languages at an early age.


Why Coding For Kids Is Crucial At An Early Age?


Like everything else, learning to code is simpler when you’re younger. With so many online resources available for kids like online classes for kids, learning how to code is becoming more fascinating and approachable. Learners can develop the ability to learn the fundamentals of coding through a play-based course curriculum blended with the goodness of STEM toys. Learners who learn how to code generate the ability to think creatively and possess the power to bring their creativity to life. In online coding classes for kids, the learners develop an ability to build cool projects.


Why There Is A Good Demand For Coding Classes For Kids?


  • It helps learners develop problem-solving skills from an early age.
  • Build confidence and logical thinking skills.
  • Learners learn to make better decisions for themselves.
  • Develops the ability to think creatively and independently.
  • Develops Math and analytical and organizing skills.
  • Children become more adept at calculation and logic.
  • Coding enhances cognitive thinking skills among young learners.


Coding for kids is the most essential thing that they can pursue in their early years. Coding knowledge has become a basic requirement to acquire employment these days. Also learning how to code opens doors to many lucrative job opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence(AI), IoT(Internet Of Things), Robotics, and Game Development through Scratch programming language.


How Kids Can Get Started In Coding?


The learners have to learn about the fundamentals of coding with the help of Scratch programming language. You can download Scratch for free online. It is a visual block-based programming language. It uses a drag & drop interface in its functionality that allows learners to understand the logic behind the code. Once the learners start understanding about the code logic, they can build numerous useful applications in Scratch such as animation, games, or simulations. Once they get used to the basics of coding, they can easily transition to high-level programming languages like Java, C, C++, and Python.  


Programming teaches learners how to think in a creative way. It teaches learners about the process of decomposition which is one of the key features of computational thinking. In real-life scenarios, while solving a complex problem a coder has to come up with a strategy to resolve the problem. It uses the decomposition principle to break down the problem into small manageable form and solve it one by one.


Coding is an amazing skill that can make your child prepare for a bright future. Also, coding skills can be utilized in a better way when it is done practically. Learning by doing or experiential learning is the best way that enables young learners to interact and engage with their surrounding environment in order to adapt and learn the practical aspects of coding for kids. When a learner engages in active engagement, the chances of knowledge retention are maximum. The information gained through the hands-on learning approach will stay in the memory for a longer period of time. 


Summing Up 


In a nutshell, coding for kids has most certainly become the need of the hour. Parents need to understand that Coding is a necessary skill and how beneficial it is for their young ones. We appreciate your time on our blog; if you liked this post based on coding for kids, kindly share it with your friends and coworkers.

Diverse ways for Learning a Programming Language

Learning a programming language for computers can be a challenge, but surely worth the effort. Here are some helpful tips to learn the programming language.


Schedule Time for Learning


Based on your work timetable is it is important to give yourself enough time to finish your programming education. There are always a few nudges of time that you desire to learn something completely new. Make sure you schedule at least 15 minutes every throughout the day. You can also schedule between one and two hours over weekends that are devoted to programming. Consider the times that you could “squeeze” in a session to stay current. For instance, if you’re on business and you return to your hotel when you are ready to settle in to sleep, you can jump straight into a program. When you’re the parent take the program “homework” along with the children and explain to them the details of what you’re doing. Also, imagine yourself in a situation in a particular time and then execute it.


Choose a Book


Select your first book on computer programming and stay with it. Learn and read the book from completely. Absolutely take in the whole book to discover what you’re looking towards, but make sure that it doesn’t distract you from the goal. You can also make use of other sources to enrich each section of the book, like forums, websites as well as other books. Remember that this isn’t one of the books you’ll read Therefore, the first book you pick is a good one for beginners.


Get Back on Track If You Fall Behind


Did you slip and fall lost? What’s the point of stopping now? Don’t think about it and continue where you were. Try to test your knowledge using the old material first. Enter an earlier material if you are really trying to get your brain to get back in the programming. At the very least, you’ll can start with instead of the beginning.


Enter Code Found in the Book


Which method will you be able to learn programming with an ebook:

1.) Go through the text, and look over the code that is provided.
2.) Go through the book, then go to the website of the book Copy and paste in the source code and then execute it using a compiler.
3.) Go through the text, then type in the source code, and then execute the programs.


You might have wanted to answer 1 but that 3 is the right answer. It’s simply that 1 is much more straightforward you think? Here are the anticipated results of each of the activities:

1.) Recognize the programming language you are using and try to write programs but without much satisfaction and lots of failure.
2.) Learn to use a compiler as well as an IDE. Create a few programs, but with no success , and a lot of frustration.
3.) Learn how to make use of a compiler, learn to correctly type code and truly understand how the program works through the interaction between fingers and the brain. Create some programs that are gaining satisfaction and less frustration over time.


Give it Some Time


It is possible that this is the most difficult of all. You need to understand that learning a programming language for computers requires dedication and time to become successful in programming. Consider it as the growth of an herb. It’s possible to build your knowledge as the healthy, vigorous plant you’ve cut back and fertilized, watered and watered. You can also play occasionally with programming and hope to become an expert programmer with minimal effort, much like the plant that you tend to water and prune with a minimum and expect it to flourish however it will end up with long , woody stems and leaves that are yellow.

There are many kinds of programming language such as Scratch programming, Python , Java, C , C++, Ruby on Rails etc. If you want to know more about programming language, then you can follow these blogs for reference:







How To Get Started As A Newbie In Coding Classes For Kids?

If you have decided to choose coding as a career path, then you need to follow the steps to initiate your career as a programmer. 


1. Learn a Block-based Coding Language

It is an important step that the learner can understand the logic behind the code. They can do so by learning a block-based programming language like Blockly or Scratch. This visual-based programming language is the most preferred language for young learners. This Scratch programming language gives them a chance to understand the logic behind the code. If a coding enthusiast is eager to learn about coding, he/she can get started with Scratch instead of learning high-level programming languages like Python, Java, C, C++, etc. The thing about learning high-level languages is that they contain a lot of syntaxes. In contrast to these programming languages, Scratch offers a drag-and-drop interface. 

 js to normal 

When you get a good experience in creating games, animation, and simulations through Scratch Programming, you will easily transition to other programming languages like Python, Java, etc. To learn Block-based coding, you need to enroll in coding classes for kids that will teach you the fundamentals of coding concepts from an early age. 

2. Try To Choose A Hands-on Coding Course  

When choosing the coding course, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the online live coding classes for kids should use a mix of both theories as well as practical knowledge. This way the students will learn about the practical implementation of real-life projects. There are numerous coding courses for kids available online. Many edtech companies offer online coding courses for kids blended with STEM kits that will boost the learning outcomes. Studies suggest that hands-on learning engages both sides of the brain.

Through the combination of multiple styles of learning(theory + practical), the young learners form strong retention of information for a longer time. When the online coding course for kids uses the hands-on learning approach, it takes the learner's journey beyond the screens. 

3. Try Python Programming For Smooth Transition

Once a learner gets a good experience in Scratch Programming language through online coding classes for kids, the first language that they should transition to is Python. 

Python is easy to learn in comparison to other programming languages like Java, C, and C++. It is a dynamically typed object-oriented programming language that has a simple easy to read & learn syntax. This language has a vast library that makes the easier implementation of algorithms & programs easier. After learning the fundamentals of Python language, a learner can choose to learn any language of his/her choice. 

In Python programming language, the line of code is less in comparison to another programming language. Python programming language is used by Google in the components of Google spider & Search Engine, Quora, Microsoft, Youtube, Dropbox, etc.


So, by following this order, a learner can be set on the right path to becoming a coder. 

Now, let's talk about the advantages offered by coding for kids. 

What Are The Benefits Of Coding For Kids?

In 2020, the government of India brought reform to the National Education Policy(NEP) with an aim to revolutionize the quality of education. One of the recommendations by NEP 2020 is to add Coding from class 6 onwards. This way, the young learners will get familiar with the concept of nurturing the logical flow of ideas into the code. 

Let's talk about the major advantages of coding for kids one-by-one.

Coding Knowledge Enhances Earning Potential

You will be surprised to know that an experienced Data Scientist in India can earn an average salary of Rs. 24 lakhs per annum. The knowledge of coding is required in a range of diverse fields thus learning it from an early age gives an advantage to learners. The IT industries are always on the lookout for candidates who possess 21st-century skills. If a child has these new skills at an early age, they will be able to increase their earning potential. 

Coding Skills Boosts Confidence Of The Learner

When a child builds a real-life project by applying the coding principle, his self-confidence is also increased. The learner gets one step ahead of his peers. Even other peers will look up to him for guidance and support through peer-to-peer learning. As per the learning pyramid, the learning outcomes of the learner are increased by 50% through group discussion and peer learning. 

Coding Skills Can Be Applied In All Walks Of Life

It doesn't matter which stream a learner chooses, the knowledge of coding can be applied to all walks of life. Online coding classes for kids teach 21st-century skills like problem-solving, better decision making, computational skills, abstract thinking, etc. which can even help the learner in real-life scenarios. The learners will learn the craft of building algorithms to solve real-life problems with ease and develop a maker mindset.

Coding brings creativity to life

Learning how to code enables learners to bring their innovative & creative ideas to life. It promotes out-of-the-box thinking. For example, if a child wishes to build a system that can clean his house automatically, he can do so by using the power of coding. As per the knowledge gained from the online coding classes for kids, he can apply the logic in the code and build a prototype that will serve the purpose of cleaning his house automatically.  Once a child understands how to apply logic to code, the possibilities are endless. By using his creativity, he can build amazing projects.

Summing Up!

Computer science is a booming field with lots of lucrative job opportunities. Coding for kids is a future-proof skill. In this blog, we have learned about the benefits of coding for kids and how it is high time for them to understand its value of it. The earlier the learners get familiar with coding, the better it is for them to frame codes and algorithms.

Discover A Revolutionary Way Of Hands-on Coding Classes For Kids

Coding for kids has gained a lot of attention at the time of the pandemic. It was a time when children discovered various ways of learning beyond academics. Although coding for kids has been around for a longer time, the spike it gets during the pandemic era is tremendous. 


In the early years, kids are of curious nature. They have a lot of untapped potential. Enrolling kids in online coding classes for kids in their early years is the best way to open doors to lucrative future job opportunities. In 2020, the government of India came up with an initiative of NEP 2020 according to which coding is made mandatory for all students.



As per BLS, in the year between 2020 and 2030, it is predicted that the economy will add around 667,600 computer science jobs in the economy. Coding is in high demand in India. Coding skills are not only beneficial for coding-based job aspirants but also for non-coders as well. Coding teaches skills such as problem-solving skills, computational thinking, critical thinking, technology literacy, etc.


What Are The Advantages of Teaching Coding For Kids?


Listed below are the advantages of online classes for kids:


  1. Learn To Add Logic To Coding:


Coding teaches young learners about the logical thinking approach. They understand the logic behind the entire code. For example, if young learners understand the logic of the code, they can create a program in such a way that it can solve problems.


  1. Coding brings creativity to life


Coding lets you combine your creativity with technical skills and form a solution that possesses the power to solve real-world scenarios. For example, you want to help your mother by keeping the house neat and clean. So, you will build an Arduino-based Smart Vacuum Cleaning Bot that will keep the house clean by following the well-defined code that you have written in Arduino IDE. Likewise, you can bring any ideas to life with the help of enrolling your child in coding classes for kids.


  1. Online Coding Classes fused with STEM kits Keeps a Child Hooked 


Coding is fun and interactive if it is blended with STEM learning Kits. Too much theoretical knowledge about coding without any proper implementation does not interest a child. Whereas, when students carry out an experiment on their own through a hands-on approach, they get hooked to learning. This hands-on learning approach amplifies their zeal to learn and boosts their confidence multifold. 


  1. Online Coding Classes For Kids Makes a Child Future-Ready


Technology is evolving and becoming tech-friendly day by day. Most of the mundane and monotonous tasks are getting automated by the application of AI(artificial intelligence) and Robotics. A lot of new job opportunities are getting created to handle the responsibilities of new tech trends. Companies are hiring people who are well-versed in handling the tasks required by these new innovative technologies. For example, if an industry has automated the packaging of packets, then they need someone who understands how automation works and manage the entire chain of command smoothly in automation. According to the Ambition box, the average salary of an experienced automation engineer ranges from 10 to 15 lakhs per annum. 


How To Select The Most Beneficial Coding Classes For Kids?


Many free online coding classes for kids available in the market. When choosing the best coding classes for your child, you need to understand that the coding class must provide a combination of both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. This way your child can make the most of his/her learning outcomes. Apart from this, an online coding course for kids is defined as a good course if it contains the following things-


  1. Quality Of Learning Outcomes
  2. Pocket-friendly Price
  3. Teaches Real-life Implementation Of Coding In Real-life Scenarios
  4. Easy Availability of Learning Resources  


Leading edtech companies like Tinkerly are offering pocket-friendly online coding courses for kids that are blended with STEM learning kits. These STEM & Coding courses offered by Tinkerly for kids are based on the grade-wise concepts of AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet of Things), Robotics, and Game Development through Scratch( a syntax-free block-based programming language). The main objective of these online coding courses for kids is to make the young generation future-ready. 


Tinkerly’s Coding course for kids is designed & curated by a team of IITians. The self-paced learning is ensured with the availability of self-learning modules that are available on the Let’s Tinker App- a STEM learning app(Tinkerly’s Product). The students can get access to these learning resources as soon they enroll in the course. They can learn anytime, anywhere as per their own convenience. They can also evaluate their skills and test their knowledge by participating in Quizzes that are available at the end of each self-learning module.     


Tinkerly’s Coding courses for kids teach young minds about coding in a step-by-step manner. First, they will teach kids about how to build algorithms and then introduce them to logic-building concepts. Once they start understanding the fundamentals, they will be introduced to block-based coding language- Scratch. 


Scratch has a user-friendly interface that enables kids to build interactive games, animation, and simulation. It has a library full of predefined actions. The learner as per his requirement uses the required commands to create an action on the stage. 

After the learners get well-versed in Scratch coding and learn the logic behind the code, they can transition smoothly to any high-level programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, and so on.    


Summing Up


In this blog, we have talked about the importance of Coding classes for kids and also discuss how an early introduction to coding is fruitful for young learners. In a nutshell, Coding is a crucial skill for the learners and its demand will continue to rise in future, so it is better to get started with it and ensure a future filled with endless possibilities.


For More Info:- free coding classes for kids

Why Is Online Robotics Course For Kids The Right Fit For Them?

In order for a robot to function properly, a combination of computer programs & algorithms is required. Online robotics courses for kids teach young minds how to program a robot by using the right combination of computer programs and algorithms. With the help of a robotics course for kids, the students will learn the fundamentals of robotics from scratch. They will first understand the logic behind the code, then they will understand the concept of building algorithms and how to apply these algorithms in action. As per predictions, by 2030 there are speculations that robots will replace up to 20 million factory jobs. Robotics for kids trigger young learners' creative headspace and make them innovators of tomorrow. During the robotics classes for kids, young learners face multiple challenges. They can overcome these challenges with the help of the trial and error method.


Robotics is a multidisciplinary field. A learner in this field needs to have knowledge about different fields as well such as computer science, mechanical & electrical engineering. This robotics field for kids overlaps with AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet Of Things), etc. So, if a child learns robotics, then he/she also learns about other fields indirectly which is a good thing. Thus, Robotics can be termed as an all-in-one STEM-based learning experience for kids.  


How To Spark Your Child's Interest in Robotics Course For Kids?


In the early years, kids have a curious nature. If we introduce them to interesting technology concepts, they will develop curiosity about these concepts. They will learn with the help of 4 major STEM Learning Methods such as Observation, Question, Hypothesis, and hands-on experimentation. The young learners who learn about robotics in their early years enhance their computational thinking skills. These skills are one of the 21st-century skills that foster the ability to think in a calculated step-by-step method that is widely useful in robotics courses for kids. As per studies, it is predicted that by 2025, the educational robot market is expected to increase by 16% annually.

What Are The Benefits Of Robotics Classes For Kids?


There are lots of lucrative career opportunities in the field of robotics. As per the salary analysis carried out by Payscale, an experienced Robotics engineer in India can earn an average salary of Rs. 30,00,000 per annum. Robotics is a field that focuses more on a hands-on learning approach. Robotics for kids is an excellent tool for learning. They can program their own robots with the help of programming languages such as embedded C, Java, Python, etc. using an open-source electronic prototyping platform like Arduino Uno.


How To Choose The Best Robotics Course For Kids?


There are many edtech companies in India that offer robotics courses for kids. Tinkerly- a leading edtech company offers the best online coding classes for kids at an affordable price. These coding classes for kids are based on the grade-wise concept of innovative technologies like AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet Of Things), and Robotics & Game Development using Scratch Programming language. The young learners will gain knowledge about the fundamentals of these technologies through hands-on learning with STEM learning kits. These STEM learning kits are a part of the course curriculum.


Irrespective of the social-economic status of the learner, these courses are designed in such a way that they will keep the learner hooked to learning. In theoretical learning, the children memorize the concepts to learn. If the young learners gain insight into STEM education, they will learn to build real-life projects. It happens because STEM education is purely based on teaching young learners with hands-on learning approaches. These learning approaches are beneficial for young learners as they gain knowledge about real-life concepts through practice. All the creative ideas and innovations come from young learners' minds.


What Are The Applications Of Robotics In Real-life?


Given below are the real-life applications of robotics such as:


  1. As Co-bots who are working with human employees in manufacturing plants. These are used for the purposes of fabrication, assembly of parts, sorting, and packaging of products.
  2. Autonomous household robots that are useful in tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, etc. 
  3. As autonomous robots in Theme parks (For example, Disney World) to provide an extraordinary experience to their customers. 
  4. To provide assistance in agriculture, For example, an agriculture-based robot- Ecorobotix is used for the purpose of eliminating the weeds on the farm. This special robot makes judicious use of solar energy.
  5. A remote-controlled robot is useful in underwater exploration. It is very useful for exploring the places that a human is unable to reach. 
  6. As a customer service robot, for example, there is a humanoid robot in Singapore named Nadine. The function of this robot is to recognize people from their visit history, shake hands, and make eye contact.
  7. As an Adhesive Dispensing Robot, for example, a dispensing robot applies adhesives and sealants in a wide range of applications.  


So, these are the applications offered by Robotics in real-life scenarios. The online robotics course for kids offer insight into the fundamentals of robotics. If a child has clear basics of robotics from an early age, there is a strong chance that they will pursue a career in robotics. A lot of lucrative job opportunities are there in the field of robotics. All a young learner needs is proper guidance and motivation that they will get from robotics classes for kids. 


Summing Up!


In a nutshell, Robotics is a trending technology in 2022. So, the early years are the right time for kids to acquire knowledge about this Robotics field. Thus, choosing an online robotics course for kids is the most amazing step a parent can take to upskill their young learners.


For More Info:– robotics for kids online

What Is The Reason For The Popularity Of STEM Education For Kids?

STEM education is a much-needed revolution in the field of education. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Most of the lucrative future jobs are based on the skills that a student learns with the help of STEM kits for students. The STEM education for kids from an early age is beneficial as it provides them with an opportunity to build a strong future. It makes them more employable and makes them one step ahead of their competition. When we talk about STEM education for kids, then we are talking about a curriculum that is based on the STEM concept. This curriculum consists of STEM activities that provide hands-on learning for kids in grades 1 to 12. 


What Is The Importance Of STEM Education For Kids?


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM-based professionals earn 26% more income than those who do not have a STEM background.STEM education for kids is based on 4 disciplines- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. All the STEM revolves around these 4 pillars. It enables students to use cross-disciplinary knowledge to resolve real-life problems. 


What Are The Advantages Of STEM Education For Kids?


  1. Encourages Critical Thinking Skills


With the help of using STEM kits for students, the young learners learn critical thinking skills such as analysis, evaluation, self-reflection, and interpretation. It involves better decision-making abilities. While performing the STEM experiment there comes a time, when a student has to rationally think of an idea to solve a problem by evaluating the factual evidence. 


  1. It Encourages Technology Usage


Technology is revolutionizing day by day. It will be beneficial for young minds to become aware of technology from an early age. Technology can be used to solve a diverse range of problems and also to provide comfort in our lives. For example, Tech gadgets like the Sweeper Robot prototype can be used to clean the table i.e it is solving a real-life problem. 


  1. To Enhance Logic Building Skills


Programming a code is empty if we don't know the logic behind it. Every tech gadget that we use in our day-to-day life works on some sort of logic. With the help of STEM education for kids, they will understand the logic behind the concept and develop logic-building skills. 

  1. Promotes Team Collaboration


Do you know STEM education for kids promotes team collaboration? Many young learners work together towards a common goal and understand the STEM concept through peer-to-peer interaction. According to research, collaborative problem solving among peers tends to better learning outcomes. 


  1. It Boosts Hands-on Learning


Learning outcomes are greatly enhanced when the learning method is practical. The STEM education for kids promotes hands-on learning or experiential learning as it gives young learners a chance to observe things around them. The students perform practical activities manually with their hands instead of receiving knowledge through theoretical means.

According to studies, it is observed that giving variations in your learning methods enhances the knowledge retention and recall of information and further enhances overall learning outcomes. 


As per National Training Laboratory, it is predicted that most young learners only remember around 10% of what they read from textbooks, but retain nearly 75% of their learning through hands-on learning methods. This method promotes deeper understanding. It is the most effective method of learning that tends to an in-depth understanding of the STEM concept and gives young learners a chance to become innovators of tomorrow.


  1. Make Young Learners Problem-Solvers Of Tomorrow!


Problem-solving skills are useful in all walks of life. It doesn't matter which career option you choose, these problem-solving skills will always be there to help you out in situations in which you are trying to solve a real-life problem. Let's understand the process in detail. Suppose a young learner is facing a complex problem. In order to solve that problem, the young learner has to break the complex problem into small manageable problems and try to solve these problems one by one. This way the complex problem is also solved as a whole. Also, this problem-solving skill will help students in becoming better decision-makers. For kids, STEM education is the best option to become future-ready. The young learners also discover multiple ways of solving a particular problem and gain out-of-the-box thinking.


How Edtech Companies Are Promoting STEM Education for kids?


STEM education curriculums are designed in such a way that helps young learners to understand the tech world around them. There are many edtech companies like Tinkerly that are offering STEM education for kids in grades 1 to 12. Tinkerly's STEM learning & Coding courses are based on the play-based curriculum that are designed by a team of IITians. The Tinkerly's online coding courses are based on the grade-wise concept of AI, IoT, Robotics, and Game Development. The young learners will be able to understand the STEM concept through the STEM kit for students. The STEM learning kit is blended with the play-based course curriculum and promotes STEM as a hobby. 


STEM education for kids provides them with technical expertise that is more impactful in comparison to theoretical knowledge. The STEM kits for students give them the ability to actively engage in hands-on learning activities. When a young learner builds something on their own, he/she feels more confident and it also sparks their interest in STEM from a young age. 


Summing Up! 


In this blog, you have learned about STEM education for kids and discussed the benefits of STEM learning for young learners. The STEM-based concept is better explained with the help of practical hands-on learning. STEM education for kids is the revolution that we need to uplift the education quality of young minds. Knowledge is easy to gain if the young learners are active participants in the entire learning process. STEM education for kids promotes a growth mindset for K-12 students across India. 


In a nutshell, STEM education for kids is essential to prepare young learners for lucrative job opportunities of the future and give them a competitive edge in the future workforce.


For More Information:– STEM Classes for Kids online

What Are The Striking Features of Robotics & Coding Classes for Kids?

There are many online robotics courses for kids available in the market.

Does your kids ask themselves Is Robotics a good career option for them?

The first step of making a career in Robotics is to learn how to code.

In India, Coding has been made mandatory for children in grade 6 or above as per National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Coding is the medium for kids to interact with the computer. There are many coding classes for kids available that enable children to instruct and perform various actions using programming Languages, like C/C++, Java, JavaScript, or Python, providing them better exposure to hands-on coding.



For a newbie student, it is essential that first he should understand how programming logic works. To do that, many edtech companies like Tinkerly are offering robotics programming courses for kids that enable young minds to build cool programming robots for kids that can serve a purpose.


We will learn step by step about the entire coding process, then we will move on to the robotics


Why Learning How To Code Is Crucial For Programming Robots For Kids?


The functionality feature of the code is most crucial for a good code as coding language does what it is asked for. The outcome of the code is predictable as it depends on the input we direct.


If it resembles a bunch of defects in the outcome, then the code is of no use to the user. Unnecessary features are likewise useless in a program. At the very least, they bloat the product. Thus, Tinker Coders must write code with complete accuracy.


Coding is Scalable- Code must be scalable with time and growth. The efficiency of the code is crucial to its scalability. To sustain performance and handle variable workloads scalable programming code is necessary as it does not require frequent redesigns to adapt to changing work environments. To sustain performance consistently and handle variable workloads it is necessary to write code with future references in mind.


Coding incorporates a problem-solving attitude- In order to solve problems with coding, your child solves complex problems with a basic set of codes by using various components of coding language. Your kid can enroll in Best Coding Classes Near Your Locality to develop Computational Skills utilized in their daily life.

Coding is Reusable-For any software product, reusable code is essential and beneficial. It aids in the simplification of your source code and avoids repetition. Reusable code saves time and is more cost-effective in the long term. If you are building utility methods (like connecting to a database and more), they should ideally be reusable without modification. The less your similar code needs to be changed, the more stable it will be. There will be few defects because it is examined before each new use. However, just because your code isn't reusable doesn't mean it's void. Every code doesn't need to be reusable. This gives a sense of accomplishment to the minds of young coders.


Coding is in high demand- Do you know that new STEM Jobs in computing are around 71%, according to a code.org report. Regardless, self-placed STEM Graduates in the computer science field is 8%, leaving the majority. This sector constitutes a 40% Income bump over traditional graduate jobs. Students can take advantage of securing jobs in STEM careers by practicing Hands-On Coding has endless opportunities for the future


Till now you have learned enough about Coding. Now Let's talk about Robotics:


Why Choose Robotics Programming Courses For Kids?


Robotics course for kids are designed in such a way that gives students a fundamental knowledge about tech-based components such as sensors, actuators etc. These robotics course for beginners enables young learners to get aware about various components and how all the components work together in unity to function together as a common unit.


Also, Robotics technology is very lucrative job opportunity for youth these days. You will be surprised to know that in India a Senior Automation Engineer can earn up to Rs. 20,00,000 per annum.


What Are The Benefits Of Opting For Robotics Programming Courses For Kids?


Listed below are the advantages for opting robotics course for beginners: 

Turn Young Learners Into Creative Innovators

When a child learns about Robotics with the help of robotics for kids they will get an opportunity to intellectually express themselves in a creative manner. While working on a robotics project for kids they need to apply outside the box thinking.

It Prepare Them For A Better Future

With the incorporation of robotics technology at younger levels, the kids will be able to learn hands-on coding and build cool gadgets. These gadgets turn out to be problem-solvers for the common folks.

It Promotes Hands-on Learning among young learners

A student understands better with practical knowledge. According to the learning pyramid, the learning outcomes will increase by 75% with practical learning. So, when a child interacts with a robotics project for kids, he or she implements code by using the programming logic into the code.


Summing Up!


In a nutshell, in order to understand about Robotics, one needs to be well-versed in coding. When the student knows how to code, he or she can program any robot with the help of Arduino Uno or Raspberry pi. Also in this blog, we have discussed the benefits of robotics programming courses for kids and its future implications. We understand about the need of robotics courses for kids and also become aware about how coding & robotics are interconnected with each other. The earlier the young learners start, the more chance they get to clear out the fundamentals of robotics for kids.


For More info:– coding for kids

What Is Robotics For Kids? How Robotics Projects For Kids Enhance Learning Outcomes?

If you are a student, then pay attention. Robotics technology in India is growing at a rapid pace. Especially in the field of automation, robotics has shown tremendous results and turned out to be a big gamechanger. If you want a lucrative job with good perks, then start learning robotics with the help of a robotics course for beginners.


For those of you that are not aware of what is robotics for kids? Let's understand about its basics first. 

In simple words, Robotics refers to the field that deals with the creation, construction, implementation, and application of robots in our day-to-day lives. There are many types of Robotics courses for beginners available online that will teach how to build robotics projects for kids. 

How Robotics + AI Technology Is Beneficial For The Industry?

A Robot can be paired up with Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning with the help of the right software implementation. With the help of the amalgamation of robotics + AI technology, the productivity of the automation sector is significantly improved. Thus, it enables company employees to carry out more value-added responsibility rather than carrying out dull monotonous repetitive jobs(the robots carry out repetitive jobs). The good pairing of AI & robotics help the automation sector flourish and has become the first choice of many industry owners.  

How To Find The Best Robotics Course for kids?

Now that you get a basic idea about robotics, let's discuss ways using which you can get into this field and open the door to many future job opportunities. For a newbie, there are many robotics courses for beginners online. To choose the best option, you should go with the robotics course for kids online that utilizes the power of hands-on learning as a part of their play-based course curriculum. Tinkerly- a leading edtech company based out of Jaipur offers affordable robotics courses for kids in grades 1 to 12. These courses are based on the grade-wise concepts of AI, IoT, and Robotics that provides them with the fundamental knowledge about these innovative technologies. 

Why Learning Robotics for kids online the need of the hour?

Leading edtech startups such as Tinkerly understand the value of learning robotics for kids online. They help students build robotics projects for kids such as Line-follower robots, Table-runner robots, etc. with the help of using the robotics kit. Now let's understand how learning robotics for kids online is the need of the hour. As per the estimation of the Global Robotics Market from the year 2021-2026 is valued at around USD 74.1 billion with a CAGR of 17.45%.

  1. Bright Career Opportunities

According to Payscale, the maximum salary of a robotics engineer in India is around Rs. 30,00,000 per annum. Thus, learning robotics skills from an early age opens the door to lucrative job opportunities. The students can work in world-class organizations such as NASA, ISRO, Google, etc., and work as an RPA(Robotics Process Automation Developer) or Senior Software Engineer.

  1. Students Will Learn Problem-solving Skills

When a learner builds a robotics project for kids, they are contributing toward solving a real-life problem in the society. They are preparing for a bright future at an early age. These problem-solving skills fall under the category of 21st-century skills that can shape a child's future. No matter what career choice does your child makes, these problem-solving skills will always be useful for the students always.

  1. Students Will Build Their Own Creation 

Many times students have a lot of innovative ideas but they don't know how to implement these ideas in real-life. That's where the robotics course for kids comes in. With the help of these robotics courses for beginners, the students learn the art and craft of building robotics-based projects. The confidence the students will gain by building their own creations will motivate them throughout their lives and always inspire them to do better. 

  1. To Enhance Out-of-The-box thinking among students

Robotics for Kids enables children to experience the thrill of STEM learning in a hands-on learning environment. The process of building a robot encourages hands-on learning. When a child builds a robot, he/she is manually involved in the process. The entire process teaches young minds the various steps that are involved in building a robotics project for kids.  

According to the latest statistics, the overall robotics job outlook was expected to grow at an average of 4% between the years 2018 and 2028. Robotics courses for beginners help to bring creative ideas to the surface.

According to studies, it is estimated that 88% of the industries around the world are planning for the implementation of robotics automation in each and every aspect of their Information Technology infrastructure.  

Learning robotics for kids online is the best way to prepare them for the competitive workforce of tomorrow. In the programming stages of robot creation, the learners work on diverse combinations of computer programming codes that help to power up the robotics system. They learn a bunch of new skills such as writing, testing, running, debugging, and helping to fix the issues in case of errors in the code. Gaining this much knowledge about the field of robotics will boost up the chances of getting hired by a world-class company. 

Summing Up!

In this blog, we have discussed about how robotics projects for kids help students to become future-ready. So, we hope you will understand about what is robotics for kids. One thing that is clear from this blog is that the robotics technology powered by Artificial Intelligence has improved the overall process of many industries that are in desperate need of automation. In a nutshell, Robotics technology has tremendous potential and it is expected to evolve more and more in the coming future. So, it is high time the students learn about it as early as possible to keep up with the technology.

6 Fun Learning Coding Classes Bootcamp for Kids

Are you looking for a way to transform your child’s screen time into something more productive? You aren’t the only one who thinks like this!


It is challenging for parents to keep their children engaged while balancing screen time with physical activities. Your kids must keep exercising their brains just as their bodies.

Nowadays, an increasing amount of Online Coding Classes in India that aims at developing the skills for programming languages and coding necessary for your child’s personal growth. 


Let us find out together about the various Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for kids and how to select the best coding program for you.


Programming Coding Courses Bootcamps for Kids


  1. iD Tech– iD Tech is a computer camp based in California, USA. It provides online coding classes and hands-on coding experience to children aged between 7 and 19, all across the USA.
    With iD Tech’s Code Camps, students acquire vital skills like problem-solving, logical reasoning, and technical skills like designing their games, making websites, and many more. 
    The Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for Kids will last from 1 to 12 weeks based on your age and requirements. During this time, kids will learn, explore and experiment with various programming languages like C, C++, Javascript, Python, etc.
  2. NextGen Bootcamp– It is a Programming Bootcamp based in New York, USA. NextGen Bootcamp is a CS Education Company that aims to provide quality education in coding and design to your kids.
    It aims to take a smart learning approach toward teaching your child by enabling them to learn and perform coding projects. Moreover, it has expert teachers with a revised curriculum for teaching.
    It specializes in CS(Computer Science) training, Python Machine Learning, and Java Programming Language. It facilitates an overall new fun-based learning environment for your children.
  3. CodaKids– CodaKids is a Computer Coding Camp for kids aged 6 to 15, established in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is now teaching kids about the coding, tools of coding, and various programming languages in over 15 countries.
    Through their Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for Kids and live support with engineers, CodaKids is now able to teach crucial programming skills and tools necessary for creating websites, apps, and various games like Roblox.Codakids offers a variety of coding classes from beginner to expert level, teaching programming languages such as Java, Python, and Javascript.

  4. Tinkerly– Tinkerly is an initiative by IIT-Delhi & XLRI Alumni to promote Coding Skills & STEM education among young minds, based in Jaipur, India. It comprises the various courses blended with the education with hands-on learning and a play-based curriculum that enables interactive learning for kids grades 1 through 12.
    Tinkerly’s Online best coding courses of STEM in India combines live 1:1 online classes with recorded lessons and STEM toys to provide a unique learning experience for children with skilled instructors and focused learning.
    Students can learn about various STEM-induced courses with robotics kits encouraging creativity, problem-solving attitude, and teamwork amongst kids. Your child can learn programming languages like Java, Scratch, C, C++, etc. in Tinkerly’s best coding courses of STEM in india

  5. Create and Learn– Create and Learn provides Virtual Coding Camps for kids. Its created by experts from top MNCs and leading universities like Harvard. Professionals from the United States instruct students in grades k-12 from all over the world. There is a maximum of 5 students in each class to guarantee that each student receives adequate attention.
    Through project-based learning, children may enhance important abilities such as critical reasoning and creativity. It teaches children how to do things correctly and why they should do so. They also provide free STEM education and invite you to exclusive programs conducted by major corporations like Google and NASA.
    Students can choose from more than 25 different computer science disciplines. It may include introductory coding languages like Scratch and more sophisticated languages like Python. Moreover, the development of games like Minecraft and Roblox is also a part of its fun-based curriculum.
  6. CogniCoders– CogniCoders classes are meticulously prepared and organized by experts from USC Computer Science Department. Besides just learning to program, CogniCoders embarks upon the play-based approach of teaching how it can solve real-world issues.

Class Size is limited to 4-10 students to ensure individual attention and clarity of concepts. The classes are generally two weeks long based on the age, difficulty level, and varying skillset required.


CogniCoders offers diverse subject courses like Java, Scratch, Cybersecurity, Python, etc. Its courses offered may vary at the time course commences. These courses educate youngsters on how to code, create, and design thoroughly and interactively.

How to Choose Best Coding Program for your Children? 

The factors that need to be taken into consideration before selecting best coding courses of STEM in India are:

  • Age– Your child’s age decides which class is best for them. Putting your child in a class with senior students might backfire since they may not be able to handle the challenges of coding practice. The majority of the digital courses split their education into many age groups, ensuring that the content is appropriate for their age.
  • Budget– The cost of coding programs varies, with some costing hundreds or even thousands of bucks a month. Thus, it is crucial to assess the value it will provide to your child. A good class should have, among other things, good education and adequate faculty assistance. If a program offers these features and is within your budget, go for it.
  • Flexible Schedules– One of the most important factors to consider while selecting a coding class for your kids is the timing, which must be flexible to meet your schedule. The problem of a rigid schedule arises in the case of offline classes where time is limited so does the resources. Hence, the parents must find Coding Programs that are flexible to their kid’s timetables. Tinkerly’s Online Coding Classes in India is an interactive way to meet your child’s learning requirements.
  • Curriculum– Checking the curriculum before enrolling your child might save you a lot of time and money in the long run. A good curriculum should include both academic and practical training. Students must strengthen fundamental and core topics before diving into an advanced area like game creation. 
  • Student Interaction– Students can participate in discussion groups on various coding platforms. Its simple to understand new topics when it is straightforward to raise a query and obtain responses from peers. Another reason why community is important is that it motivates children to learn. The students are more eager to study and participate in coding tasks when surrounded by their peers. The best coding courses of STEM in India focus on students’ interaction.


In this blog, we have learned about various learning Bootcamps for kids and how to select the most suitable  coding classes program for your child. Moreover, we have grasped the importance of enrolling in these Online Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for your Kids.