The rest state modified from the patch 0.6 system to a extra familiar system in patch 0.7. There was nonetheless a “drained” stage of rest, nevertheless it now not provided a negative bonus to earned XP. The remainder of the time you simply get Better Cache of Treasures. Remember that you just solely get the Heroic Cache of Treasures from the primary state of affairs you do in a day (and only if it's a HC scenario. It doesn't do something for his self worth, and he would possibly just decided not to come back again the subsequent day. Paladins had a Might Aura and a Wisdom, which gave 30 AP or 30 intellect to group members. Dodge the drama and grow to be the player everyone wants of their group with advice from The Drama Mamas Drama-Buster Guide. Letting them down gently is a Drama Mamas specialty, problem-hungry raider — and there's a guide for that! Drama Mama Robin: Nameless, I've needed to severely edit your letter as a result of house concerns.