Office furniture Abu Dhabi

The furniture industry has a well-established tradition in Abu Dhabi. From ancient to modern times, the market has always been an active one. Abu Dhabi is generally referred to as the “capital of furniture” for its high-end quality furniture, which is bought mostly for interiors of offices and shops.

office furniture Abu Dhabi is mostly used to assemble shop interiors in the city.

Visitors to Abu Dhabi often appreciate the large selection of modern furniture for work purposes in shops and malls, especially since Abu Dhabi has become a popular destination for tourists and expats alike.

The sustainable furniture industry has seen great demand for its wood products. For a few years, wood furniture was completely avoided and furniture factories were reluctant to use wood. After many years, wood furniture has been gradually replaced with plastic furniture in many shops in the city.

“Plastic furniture has almost become a necessity in Abu Dhabi,” said Faeed Fakira, owner of Abu Dhabi Furniture and Home Furnishings. “It was not that long ago that plastic furniture was considered inappropriate for business and office areas, but it’s been proven that plastic is more durable, more ecological and more aesthetically pleasing.” In spite of many challenges in terms of the development of the local market, many people have adapted to these changes and have managed to maintain the local market with their modern furniture solutions. Many shops and furniture manufacturers have therefore switched to selling modern furniture, including wooden furniture and plastic furniture, to give customers a new choice.

Shop furniture Abu Dhabi

Reactive furniture is also popular for modern office settings. It is made from resin-based acrylic fiber with protective coatings. The resin coating prevents items from being scratched when being moved, unlike plastic, which is easily scratched and damaged.

As a result, reactive furniture has become more popular for modern offices.

“Reactive furniture is an appealing choice for business and home offices,” said Maoud Khattar, general manager of Zubaida Hamdan Fine Furniture. “Some of the material used in the core material is better for providing durability.”

“It has become a very popular choice over plastic in recent years because of its superior anti-slip and wear-resistant properties. For customers, it is much more durable and resistant to damage compared to plastic,” said Siddique Ahmed, founder of Abu Dhabi Store Furniture, noting that reactive furniture creates a more sophisticated style for modern living spaces, and is therefore becoming more important.

“It is also eco-friendly, giving a new energy to the furniture and letting people make a positive impact on the environment through choosing the right materials,” said Khattar.