Ultimate Kingz BJJ Gi Comparison

Not all jiu-jitsu gis are alike. It'd be boring if they were. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Not only that, but as jiu-jitsu practitioners - and consumers -we all have different preferences when it comes to gi weight, style, and price.  bjj rash guards

As one of the most premier BJJ gi brands in the world, Kingz has worked hard to offer something for everyone. And while browsing our extensive catalog might be fun... we've made it easy to spend less time shopping and more time on the mat, with this side-by-side Kingz BJJ Gi Comparison guide. 

Check it out...

Lightweight Jiu-Jitsu Gis

For those looking to cut down on the bulk and weight, Kingz offers several exceptionally constructed lightweight gis. Lightweight gis typically feature jackets that range from 375 GSM to 450 GSM, and can have either cotton or ripstop pants. 

Mid-Weight & Heavy Jiu-Jitsu Gis

For those who like a more durable, slightly heavier weight gi, Kingz offers several superiorly constructed mid-weight gis. Mid-weight gis typically feature jackets that range from 450 GSM to 480 GSM (anything over 500 GSM is heavy), and can also have either cotton or ripstop pants.

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ADCC World Championships: Who to Watch

The most anticipated event in jiu-jitsu history is this weekend! After a delay due largely to COVID, the ADCC World Championships has returned… and it’s bigger and better than ever before. - bjj kimonos for sale

Under the leadership of Mo Jassim and with the event promotion expertise of F2W’s Seth Daniels and his “Team No Sleep”, the 2022 ADCC World Championships will be unlike any ADCC event – unlike any jiu-jitsu event – in the history of the sport. With around 12,000 spectators and held at the world famous Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, it will be the most watched jiu-jitsu event in history. 

Additionally, every single men and female division is absolutely stacked with the best of the best in the world, with seventeen countries represented: Brazil, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Norway, Canada, Ecuador, Japan, Poland, Finland, South Africa, Colombia, Honduras, Ghana, Cyprus, and Lebanon (dual citizenships recognized). See the full and updated list of athletes at FloGrappling here.

Of the 97 athletes competing in that prestigious event this year, Kingz alone is proud to claim nine of them. Who are they, and why should you watch? Read on…

Andre Galvao

After winning the coveted Absolute division at the ADCC World Championships in 2011, Andre Galvao has never lost an ADCC Super Fight match since. And while he has nothing to prove – with one of the most impressive competitive records in jiu-jitsu history – he is looking to add one more Super Fight title to his already legendary record.


Fight Sports legend Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is no stranger to the ADCC World Championships, having won the coveted Absolute championship in 2013, then facing off against fellow Kingz athlete Andre Galvao in 2015. With his seventh ADCC appearance, Cyborg also has nothing to prove. But there’s nowhere else he’d rather be, and he has his eye set on another Absolute win.

Kaynan Duarte

It was his ADCC South American Trials win in 2017 – at purple belt – that put Kaynan Duarte on the map. In his second ADCC appearance in 2019, he became the reigning +99kg champion. Kaynan will now be looking for his second ADCC World Championship win… this time in the 99kg division. A leaner, meaner Kaynan is absolutely terrifying.

Cole Abate

At 17 years old, North American Trials winner Cole Abate will be the youngest competitor in ADCC World Championship history... and is looking to become the youngest ADCC World Champion in history. Cole will be competing in the Men’s 66kg category against some long-time legendary black belts. Cole has been training hard, and is ready to show fans a “new game”.

Bia Basilio

One of the most accomplished and exciting female black belts in the world, Bianca Basilio will be defending her -60kg ADCC World Championship title this year. Splitting her camp between her home academy, Almeida Jiu-Jitsu, and Andre Galvao’s Atos HQ, Bia has been sharpening the sword to become battle ready. One this is for sure: expect a show!

Mica Galvao

Already one of the most exciting up-and-comers in the sport, Mica Galvao will be making his ADCC World Championships debut! He earned a coveted spot in the Men’s 77kg division by winning – dominating is probably more accurate – the 1st South American Trials last January, with four out of four wins by submission. Since then, he’s been brushing up on his No-Gi game, so expect a repeat performance at the World Championships!

Diogo Reis

Another Kingz athlete will be making his debut, but in the Men’s 66kg division. Diogo Reis - the Baby Shark – secured his spot with an impressive win at the 1st South American Trials last January. What will fans expect from the baby-faced killer? A more offensive, smarter, and stronger athlete who is ready to make a splash at the Olympics of grappling.

Fabricio Andrey

Fabricio Andrey’s South American Trials win just last February secured him a spot in an incredibly stacked Men’s 66kg division. After a semi-finals loss at the 1st South American Trials – to Diogo no less – he came back with a vengeance at the 2nd Trials. He finished every single opponent with a submission! He’s looking to take that ferocity to his first ADCC World Championship showing.

John Hansen

A Pedigo Submission Fighting black belt, John Hansen won the 1st North American Trials in New Jersey to secure his spot in the Men’s +99kg division. The ultra heavyweight fighter with the unassuming smile will be making his ADCC World Championships debut in one of the most stacked divisions of the event.

Whether you’re a No-Gi fan or not, you must not miss this year’s ADCC World Championships. Those who can’t physically be there, can watch the entire event televised on FloGrappling.

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Kingz Athlete Spotlight: Melissa Cueto

Jiu-jitsu fans in Brazil have long known Melissa Stricker Cueto’s name. Just in the last four years, Melissa has really make a name for herself on the international stage… and she’s just getting started, with her sights set on some serious gold. - womens gi pants

The 32-year-old Brazilian from Pelotas, a city in the far south of Brazil, was a born athlete. Having practiced several different sports growing up, she settled on taekwondo in her teens, before finding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 17.

From white to brown, Melissa had stand-out performances in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation tournaments in Brazil. During her purple belt years alone, she became a two-time South American champion, a two-time South Brazilian Champion, and two-time silver medalist at the Brasileiros. She hit another gear during her brown belt year. She took home the gold at both the Brasileiros and the World Championships, after which she was later promoted to black belt in December 2018 by her then coach, Leonardo Morosetti.

After joining Diego Unfer academy, Melissa’s freshman year at black belt saw some notable wins, including against Luanna Alzuguir and Maria Malyjasiak at the 2019 IBJJF Worlds. But it was in 2021, after joining the Alliance team, that she really began to shine. She won her first IBJJF World Championship at black belt, in an incredibly stacked women’s heavyweight division, then in 2022 went on to win the Heavyweight division at the IBJJF Pans.

With her aggressive spider guard, ultra-technical sweeping game, and submission-hunting style, the Alliance athlete doesn’t fail to deliver exciting matches to her fans.

We caught up with Melissa to talk about who she is, her jiu-jitsu journey so far, and what she has her sights on for the future. Read on… 

How long have you been training and how did you start?

I have been training for 15 years. I always liked fights and the first fight I did was in taekwondo; before I started jiu-jitsu, it was the style that I practiced. I was passing in front of a jiu-jitsu academy and I decided to go in and see what it was like. And after that, I stopped taekwondo and never gave up jiu-jitsu.

Eu treino há 15 anos. Sempre gostei de lutas e a primeira luta que fiz foi taekwondo, inclusive na época em que iniciei jiu-jitsu, era a modalidade que eu praticava. Estava passando na frente da academia de jiu jitsu e resolvi entrar e ver como era e depois disso, cancelei o taekwondo e nunca mais larguei o jiu-jitsu.

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How to Tie a Jiu Jitsu Belt

Tying a Jiu Jitsu belt isn't tough to do, however might also additionally take a few exercise earlier than you could get it down with out focusing on what you're doing. However, once you exercise tying your bjj belt only a few instances you may be tying it with out even considering it. Tying a Jiu Jitsu belt or any martial arts belt for that be counted is a easy process, so I will wreck it down for you in some clean to observe steps: - bjj kids belts

  1. First ensure you're sporting each the pants and pinnacle of your Jiu Jitsu Gi. Then positioned the left facet of your gi pinnacle or lapel, on pinnacle of the proper facet. Usually at the lowest of your left lapel may have a patch signifying that the facet with the patch can be over the opposite lapel.
  2. Now which you are sporting your Jiu Jitsu Gi the ideal manner region the center of your jiu Jitsu belt throughout your stomach. Both ends of your bjj belt can be touching the ground at this factor.
  3. Wrap the belt round you to the again and switch every cease with the other hands. Then deliver the ends of the belt again in the front of you. At this factor the belt is positioned effectively and all this is left is tying your bjj belt.
  4. Now go the ends of the belt in the front of you, crossing the left hand facet first then crossing the proper hand facet over the left one.
  5. Then absolutely tuck the cease of your belt this is now to your left facet beneathneath the belt this is wrapped round you. It's as in case you are tucking it beneathneath 2 belts. Once that is carried out honestly pull each ends of your bjj belt in order that it receives tight on you.
  6. Now all this is left is creating a knot to your bjj belt. You can try this through placing the proper cease of the belt on pinnacle of the left and pinch it together along with your left thumb and fingers. Then bend the cease of the belt on pinnacle toward you, under the opposite belt and start to drag each ends.
  7. There you've got got it; you simply tied your very personal Jiu Jitsu belt all through yourself! Congratulations!

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Jiu Jitsu Belts: The Steps to Become Disciplined

Jiu Jitsu is a broadly famous martial artwork that has its starting place in Japan. It became first practiced with the aid of using the Samurai warriors withinside the early twentieth century. It is the founding father of many different martial arts. From Japan it traveled all of the manner to Brazil, in which the Garcia brothers found out it from the Japanese trainer Mitsuyo Maeda. The artwork that we see these days is the traits introduced approximately with the aid of using them. The artwork is split into 6 classes and you're promoted with a specific coloured Jiu Jitsu belts as you move every category. Accordingly, the 6 coloured belts are- white, blue, red, brown, black and purple. The complete method takes 8-10 years. - kids belts

There are belts in between, which has stripes that imply how some distance you're from the advertising. With the passage of time and experience, the scholars continue to every class. Their advertising is marked with the aid of using the quantity of stripes. The 4th stripe is the indicator of the imminent fifth stripe, that's the advertising belt. In Jiu Jitsu, there are four classes of advertising and thus there are belts. The youngsters' belts are as follows- white, yellow, orange and green. The youngsters are given those Jiu Jitsu Belts in order that they may be now no longer bored. They are given belts until the age of sixteen. And every advertising relies upon on their capacity to address their opponent and the policies aren't set-up for the purpose.

As quickly as they may be sixteen years of age, they may be taken into consideration as adults and are given belts thus. The belts are given in step with the quantity of competencies and technical know-how which you have received with the aid of using the usage of grappling withinside the specific competitions held. Jiu Jitsu Belts start with the white belt, that's the bottom so as and are given to the ones who've taken sparkling admission into the artwork. They are taught the way to get away from an opponent. And additionally they analyze maximum of the protection mechanisms earlier than they may be promoted to the blue belt. You are taught the way to manipulate your actions.

You are given the blue belt after the white and it takes about 1-three years to gain the belt. You analyze the survival strategies first that's accompanied with the aid of using the method of submission. They discover ways to carry out the shield passes and convey the opponent beneathneath complete manipulate and compel him into submission. Then you get the red belt in Jiu Jitsu. It is all through this time which you undergo non-stop enthusiastic education. This education takes four-5years in that you sharpen your competencies and strategies. This makes you eligible to educate your juniors. The extra you educate yourself; you grow to be extra certified to present commands on your juniors. The red belt is one of the maximum prestigious Jiu Jitsu Belts.

The brown belt is the elite red belt which entails at the least 11/2 years of education. You can get the belt most effective in case you are 18 years of age. You get the black belt whilst you are of nineteen years. It is given to you after you've got got finished a length of 12 months with the brown belt. In Jiu Jitsu you could arise to nine levels at the side of the seventh and be promoted to the very last belt. The age variety for this belt is from 19-sixty seven years of age. This is the very best rank and then there's no advertising. The purple belt is the remaining of the Jiu Jitsu Belts.

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Why Jiu Jitsu Gis Are Important

There is a protracted-status subculture and subject regarding BJJ, which originated in Japan, however the MMA carrying occasion visible nowadays developed extra from the guidelines of Kodokan judo. This is a recreation in which length would not matter, as a smaller fighter can overpower a larger opponent via way of means of the use of strategy, short reflexes, and precision maneuvers that put off a fighter's cappotential to interrupt freed from chokes, joint locks, and numerous grappling positions.

Jiu Jitsu seasoned tools is a must have for each competitor that participates withinside the recreation, and in a few cases, the gi may even be used as a weapon, via way of means of both opponent. Therefore, choosing first-class Jiu Jitsu gis takes time and patience. Fortunately, there are some corporations that specialize on this sort of clothing, and feature a few high-quality patterns and fashions to select from. - jiu jitsu gi mens

Jiu Jitsu warring parties committed themselves to getting to know the actions and skillful maneuvers that permit them to conquer their opponents, similar to a chess participant assume 3 actions beforehand to lure different gamers right into a checkmate situation, in which regardless of in which they pass to, they're trapped and defeat is inevitable. When they buy Jiu Jitsu seasoned tools, they're making an funding of their fulfillment and improvement as an athlete who needs not anything extra than to upward push to the pinnacle of his elegance in competition.

As in karate, there are unique belt colorings worn via way of means of competition to designate rank and revel in stage. For adults, there are seven such degrees of accomplishment, and a BJJ scholar progresses from a white to a purple belt, the very best stage. Since there are numerous ranks and degrees of improvement to development through, a fighter might also additionally very own a gi for a protracted length of time, so it's far critical to discover an outfit this is cushty and durable.

In phrases of Jiu Jitsu gis themselves, guys will discover belts, pants, and complete gis from Atama, Fuji, and

Venum to be of the very best first-class. Jiu Jitsu seasoned tools gis are normally to be had in 3 conventional colorings - black, blue, and white. Atama additionally makes gis for women, mainly a Mundial #nine version in black or blue, or even a constrained version in pink. There also are kid's gis, considering the fact that a championship stage contender might also additionally begin education at a younger age to be the nice they may be by the point they turn out to be adults.

The higher producers additionally make a "unmarried weave" Jiu Jitsu gi that has a tapered frame and sleeves, leaving much less fabric for an opponent to seize onto for the duration of a fight. These are lighter weight fashions that wash nicely and live cool for the duration of warm weather.

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Jiu Jitsu Gi Training For Kids Self Defense

Many mother and father want to contain their youngsters in a few interest outdoor college hours, wherein they could combine with youngsters from different colleges or surrounding areas, some thing to offer them a focal point in addition to manner to preserve fit. Having them teach in Bjj with the Jiu Jitsu Gi might be a incredible begin to their self protection lessons. - bjj kids belts

When we think about Martial arts inclusive of Judo, Taekwondo, and Brazilian Ju Jitsu, we at once think about pix of adults fighting, inclusive of in conventional Japanese Judo. But martial arts inclusive of Bjj may be an high-quality interest for kids or even younger youngsters, giving them coaching on self protection in addition to discipline.

If your infant suggests hobby in Bjj, you're probably to discover a nearby membership withinside the vicinity who will preserve periods after college hours for a month-to-month fee. To begin with, you may provide an explanation for on your infant the records of the game, the way it changed into derived from the Japanese Judo, and the way it's far used for self protection, now no longer attack. You have to make certain that your infant does now no longer abuse his skills, studying the martial artwork as a mechanism of self focus, control, with desires to acquire and competitions to win.

Jiu Jitsu Gis are to be had in sizes starting from as younger as three or four years old, as much as grownup. Your nearby membership will stock, or endorse you on in which you should buy a Jiu Jitsu Gi, and what sort of you need to spend. Bear in thoughts that your infant will develop quickly, and of course, there's the opportunity that he or she can be able to get bored in the game, so a massive outlay on the outset isn't always endorsed.

Brazilian Jiu jitsu is brazenly advocated for youngsters and younger youths, there being a belting device for junior, and the grownup belts beginning from the age of 16. Having a brand new belt to benefit offers the kid a goal, an success that she or he desires to reach.

Jiu Jitsu may be exceedingly endorsed to youngsters who lack self confidence, as it's far a game that concentrates on floor grappling techniques, and lock holds, wherein you may immobilize an opponent a great deal larger than yourself. This can assist youngsters who're small, or timid, now no longer to be frightened of bullies, however have to be cautiously controlled. With the coaching of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu comes the coaching of self discipline, annoying that the person use the game as a self protection technique, now no longer a weapon to combat his enemy.

If you're ignorant of golf equipment for Jiu Jitsu for your nearby vicinity, you may discover facts at the Internet, in which you may additionally emerge as privy to its growing popularity, mainly for youngsters. If your infant comes to a decision they want to absorb Jiu Jitsu,

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Best Black BJJ Gi in the Market Today: The Monarch Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Todays market is full of jiu-jitsu gis and BJJ gi brands... so how do you pick just one best?
And exactly what constitutes the best? Well, we believe we have made the worlds best black BJJ gi: the Monarch Jiu-Jitsu Gi.


Are we biased? Absolutely. But are we justified? Most definitely... and heres why:


Premium Tried-and-True Fabrics

After more than ten years in the jiu-jitsu gi industry, we KNOW fabrics. We know what works, and what doesnt. We know what holds up to intense training, and what fabrics are best for an ultralight option that wont tear the first time someone grabs you.kimonos jiu jitsu
With the Monarch Jiu-Jitsu Gi, weve opted for a mid-weight 450 GSM Pearl Weave jacket and 10 oz cotton drill fabric. What does that mean to you? It means that this isnt the lightest BJJ gi in our lineup, but its also not a heavy gi. Its made in that sweet spot where light weight and durability meet, to give you a gi thats built to last years of hard training and competition.
Impeccable Design and Construction, in all our Gis

Here at Kingz, we pride ourselves on the quality of our gis. As practitioners ourselves, we know how important it is to have a gi that performs well on the mat. The Monarch Jiu-Jitsu Gi represents the pinnacle of jiu-jitsu gi design and construction.


Triple reinforced across all major stress points, it even featuring a wide, reinforced band on the inside of the jacket skirt... to withstand the most aggressive lapel guard players. Sublimated shoulder lining helps to keep you dry and cool. And a slight tapering of the bottom of the pants and sleeves leaves less for your opponent to grab (while remaining IBJJF legal).

Superior Detailing on our Black BJJ Gi


The best part about our Monarch Jiu-Jitsu Gi? This black BJJ gi is by far one of the most stylish gis ever
made. The Monarch is all black, with light gold embroidered details and woven labels. Branded with our
iconic crown logo, an embroidered shield on one arm, and tasteful placements of Monarch, it leaves plenty
of room for your own personalized logos and accents.


Bonus and Super Cool Carry Bag


The Monarch Jiu-Jitsu Gi also features a brand new carrying bag design. Instead of the typical drawstring bag, the Monarch comes with its own convertible matching tote bag. Black with gold accents, this bag is stylish enough to bring along to work.


Yes, there are plenty of black BJJ gis out there to choose from... but why waste time trying them out when you
can get the BEST now? Again, we might be biased... but with good reason.


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Women's gi |

Known for delivering the best GIS in the business, Kingz has brought you another one to add to the collection: The Sport Jiu Jitsu GI white. This GI is ultra-lightweight and streamlined, perfect for making weight and performing on the competition mat. Check it out!

women's gi