To check out our recently setup server, we might want to do the following. 5. To truly make the a lot of the Minecraft Pocket Version server, you might want to overclock your Raspberry Pi. Once youve accomplished all of the steps, you'll be capable of connect to your Minecraft PE Server using the public IP on the port 19132 within the Minecraft Pocket Edition Utility. 11. Finally, lets obtain Nukkit, we often will have to compile the software which can take some time because of the Raspberry Pis low processing energy, thankfully some good customers have provided their CI (Steady Integration) servers to the public. Earlier than we get too far forward of ourselves, lets first make a listing to maintain this in, run the following commands to make the directory within the pi users root listing. 1. First, lets ensure that everything on the Raspberry Pi is updated by running the next two commands.