Coinciding with an increase in Minecraft's popularity on YouTube, MSG has since been credited with serving to start the Minecraft PvP server increase – and even launching entire firms. Some issues had been kept the identical as the Starvation Games collection; including the cap of 24 gamers, and the central Cornucopia where gamers would start and could find the most effective loot, making a tense scramble for goodies. With most of the nice loot placed at the centre, and with all gamers starting at the identical place, many would instantly battle at this hotspot – inflicting some unlucky gamers to have very brief matches, or leaving those that ran away without much equipment. For a sport to be eventful within the Hunger Games server, gamers should be in good numbers in the virtual world. One utilized by The Hive and Mineplex was to have a last deathmatch as soon as the player count fell to a certain point, triggering a countdown earlier than teleporting the remaining players into a smaller arena. With out a closing circle like in PUBG, there was no mechanism to power gamers into a ultimate battle. AntVenom famous that you still need to get fortunate to search out the necessary weapons and armour to take on others, “or you're seemingly simply going to die immediately” – a problem he tried to solve on his own server by giving players uncooked materials they might then craft into loot.